First Impression: Sky Girls

For some reason they thought they needed backstory, which was what episode one was. All set up to the crazy stuff we saw in the OVA released whenever ago. It’s not bad setup, but it’s also fairly generic setup. It’s probably needed though, to structure the series or something like that. It’s mostly LULS I WANNA FLY IN THE SKY and then the military comes along is like WELL NOW YOU CAN LULS. That’s basically it.

The animation is very well done, especially the combat scenes in the beginning. It seems JC Staff can do action right when they try! The character designs are very good, and to my liking. Not overly generic but not too different either. Strikes a good balance, I’d say. They all look very dainty and fuckable!

I don’t really have too much to say about this show at the moment. If the series develops to be as good as the oneshot OVA, I’ll be happy. I’m intrigued, and will stick around unless it really goes south.