First Impression: Tetsuko No Tabi

The Good: The concept

The Bad:  The concept

Tetsuko no Tabi really does everything in its power to put off the casual viewer. The narrow concept  and unconventional character designs are enough to put off any moe-moe fanboy or shounen retard. While I am a moe-moe fanboy, I do have thing for some of the more unusual shows that come out, and Tetsuko no Tabi just seemed weird enough for me to give it a try.

This show is hard raw. Everything is in the words, I didn’t understand any of ’em. However, the show did deliver ample amounts of over acting, which is what I was hoping for at the very least. It carries something of a Genshiken feel (never mind the fact that Nobuyuki Hiyama voices the lead train otaku) what with the combination of an obsessed nerd and a woman who just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t get to the point where they’re constantly exchanging blows like Saki and Madarame near the beginning of Genshiken, but that feeling is there. The animation isn’t anything to write home about, but not horrible. Again, I’m expecting a production similar to Genshiken.

Obviously the main attraction of this show is the concept. A non-fiction story about a man who visited every train station in Japan. Train fans will probably go nuts over this, while normal people probably won’t give it the time of day. I just like it because it’s unique, and it’s pulled off kind of well.

This show will never get subbed, and I’m not sure how long I’d be able to carry on with it raw. I’ll keep watching for now.