First Impression: Doujin Work

The Good: Everything

The Bad: Nothing

That said the show doesn’t really go out of its way to impress. It does what it needs to do without being flashy about it. The animation is good. Not as impressive as REMIC’s previous work, Magipoka, but it doesn’t really need to be. Given the nature of the show, it would actually do better to embrace minimalism than be all out flashy.

I watched it raw, so I didn’t get much of the dialogue except the real easy stuff. If it stays true to the humour of the comic (which it seems it did) we’ll have a funny show on our hands. Not PPD laugh out loudĀ  funny, but more Lucky Star funny I think, with even more of an otaku bend. Momoko does a good Tsuyuri. I was wondering how she’d handle the character given I’m so used to her doing very energetic roles, but she pulled off Tsuyuri’s deadpan demeanor perfectly. Everyone else does a Good Job, but I was mostly concerned for Momoko, given I’m something of a fan of her’s. Not Yuuko Goto level fanaticism though.

The opening seems a little disjointed to me. It kind of seems like an excuse to make a bunch of references I don’t get, but it’s fun. The ending is better because it has the girls shaking their cute little butts in bloomers.

This show has a lot of lolis, which is another plus. If anything watch it for that.