July Anime

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Bokura No: I have to force myself to watch it now. Good but perhaps not for me. May drop.
Darker Than Black: Painfully average. Some smart moments here and there though.
Dennou Coil: A lot of good ideas but I don’t care about the characters at all.
First Gundam: Battle in Texas. Sub more.
Hayate no Gotoku: This is in a fist fight with Lucky Star over who gets 2nd and 3rd for my favourites of the season. Still very funny, with a lot of nice fanservice.
iDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA: Horrible. I want to drop it but for some reason I feel I need to finish this shitfest.
Lucky Star: The show’s gotten progressively better to the point that it competes with Hayate. Real funny/cute stuff.
Otokojuku: 1980s manly comedy oh yeaaahhhh.
Romeo x Juliet: Kind of boring. Not bad enough to drop just yet.
Seirei no Moribito: Slow and uninteresting. Episodes have been piling up. Will probably drop.
Tenchi Muyo! TV: Ah, the memories! Just as fun and wacky as I remember. They really don’t make ’em like this anymore. Kiyone~~~
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Arg the raw for 14 is taking forever. Gotten a little weak after episode 11 but still better than all the other dumb shit this season user posted image

Considering downloading what’s been subbed of Galaxy Express and Ashita no Joe. Probably going to attempt to watch those Tokimeki Tonight raws, too.

May start on those Planetes DVDs in an attempt to actually complete the series.

Hidamari Sketch:
Manabi Straight: I kind of don’t care anymore
Negima!?: user posted image
Nodame Cantabile: See Manabi Straight.

Death Note: Despite the unevenness of the series, it ended damn well.
Shakugan no Shana: Overall a very sloppily directed production. Would be a lot better Shinbo-ized, or something.
Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-: Just finished this on DVD. Ended somewhat generically but good. The extra DVD only episode is pretty WTF.
Uchuu Senkan Yamato: Old anime is old. Good from an education perspective, lol from an entertainment perspective.

Genshiken: Haven’t had time to get back on reading this sad.gif
Kodomo no Jikan: Reading/scanslating it. Still a sexy series
Random chapter of NHK here and there. I guess Trigun Maximum when volumes comes out. Same goes for Evangelion.

Probably forgetting some stuff, and the new season starts soon so I’ll have to update this list.

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