Comic Site Rant: anta no sei ja nai wa

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Was kind of bored so I just decided to post this comic up. It’s my generic Gundam ranting, with fairly uninpsired artwork. I didn’t really have any ideas at the time, but wanted to make a comic, so I did this. It’s ok, I guess.

Oh, a podcast happened.

Been watching the Tenchi TV series lately, while neglecting new anime like Bokura No and Seirei, because quite frankly I’m not interested in either of them. I miss the look of these old 90s cel productions. They have a certain quality to them that I really dig. Kind of sad that cel animation was dumped right as they perfected it. My favourite part thus far has been the episodes devoted to Kiyone, given she is my most favourite character. The others are quite good and funny, but those Kiyone-centric ones give me warm fuzzies. She was the first 2D girl I feel in love with, after all.

Aside from watching old shows from the mid-90s, I watched Lucky Star episode 12 today. Highlights being the entire Comike part (especially with Tomokazu Sugita’s cameo) and the really surprising Godman reference right at the end. Funny stuff.

Ok, another short one this week. I have like 5000 blog posts planned out, but no time to write them.

Items I’d like to get to:

  • Death Note Review
  • Mid-season evaluation
  • Directing in anime
  • Why I love 2D girls

Anyway, that’s all for today.