Oh, Xenoglossia

In episode 11 of Xenoglossia they go to a volcano to get some dumb idol core out of said volcano. In episode of 10 of Evangelion, MAGMA DIVER (the best episode ever) they fight an angel in a volcano.

Episode 8 of Evangelion happens in this episode, too.

Kaji appears.

Misato isn’t all that happy.

At some point they find out this dumb thing is in a volcano.

After this point they stop pretending to be Evangelion and just default to corny yuri fanservice.

Her boobs bounce. The highlight of this episode.

I like how when she turns, her arm stays exactly over her tits. C’mon Japan, show us some tits. You used to be so good at it!

By this point I had a pretty good boner. Probably the only kind of stimulation I should hope to get out of this show.

I guess when they run out of ideas they just make the characters naked. This kind of nakedness is good, but I much prefer this far more NSFW kind of nakedness. Yeah, that link is pretty not safe for work. Yay Lolita Channel.

This show isn’t very good. No one should watch it unless you want to make fun of it. Watch something good like Gurren Lagann instead if you need a robot + tits fix. Or just watch Gunbuster. Or Evangelion.