Went out to the CD/Game Exchange today to trade in some stuff. Four shitty Weezer CDs (from when I used to listen to shitty music), an Invader Zim DVD (Jhonen Vasquez is for silly teenagers) and Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- volume 2 (I had two of them.) I felt a bit ripped since all I got was 9 dollars, but I guess that’s how it goes.

I didn’t just walk out with 9 dollars, though…

Judge Back Cover | Harmagedon Back Cover

Got both for about 1 dollar each. The first one I saw was Judge, which I’ve never ever heard of before. After that I saw Harmagedon, which I heard of “back in the day.” I’m kind of sad since it seems Harmagedon is actually a good movie (apparently it has a DVD release somewhere) but Judge should be pretty bad given I’ve never heard of it before, and the plot is pretty laughable.

Gotta watch these while I’m still living in a place that has a VCR.