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This comic isn’t very funny. It’s just me saying Gundam 00 will suck. Again. But the art is pretty so that makes up for it. Also, I think I’m making some kind of hamfisted point by having Ideon and original Gundam posters in the background but I’m not sure what exactly that point is yet. I don’t have a solid idea for next week yet which is troubling. Maybe I’ll talk about the Bokura No director, or mock Xenoglossia, or talk about Gurren Lagann. I dunno. Oh yeah, got a bit of fanart. It can be found here.

I have a job now. It’s not a very glamorous job, but it’s work. Work to get these. Aww yeahhh. Maybe next year I’ll actually plan ahead a not apply for something right in the summer :V :V :V

Bokura No director apparently loathes the original work with every thread of his being. I wrote about it, er, tried to write about it, but then went off about Akiyuki Shinbo instead. Basically it’s just troubling. While directing is a job for these people, in my mind I’d like to think they’d at least approach their work with some enthusiasm. I mean they are producing “art”, so it’s good to be somewhat enthused about what you’re doing. Ah well. I hope this doesn’t affect things too much.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m less watching Yamato for entertainment value and more for educational value. I think a lot of it is fairly amateur, to be honest. Suffers from monster of the week, which doesn’t bother me in general so long as what’s happening is interesting. In Yamato it’s very hit or miss. But it’s good to see what newer anime took from this work, and I plan to continue on with it, the second season (with hopes it’ll be better) and the movies, just to see what’s so great about Be Forever Yamato.

Summer season is actually looking pretty rad. Despite what I’ve said in my podcast which I’ve still not yet edited (ugh too many things to do) things are looking pretty ok. Outside of the obvious sequals, some titles that stick in my mind are Tetsuko no Tabi, Doujin Work and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. I declare these all best of next season.

Anyway, a lot of things to do this Saturday, and I got work from 3-9. Ugh. I swear if those other interviews work out I’m dropping this like a bad habit.