Why Gundam 00 is going to suck horribly

I forgot I had a blog to write this stuff in for a moment. So as not upset my IRC comrades any further I’ll keep all my Gundam 00 bashing to this blog. Anyway, on to why this will be the worst Gundam series ever.

  • It’s the newest one, and they’re only getting worse. Well, I suppose nothing can top Wing in terms of pure suckage though.
  • Too many pretty boys. Though I heard some kind rumor that this person can do girls, too. But there’s already like 5 billion sexy men in the promo vid, and I’ve become uninterested already.
  • The mecha designs look retarded.
  • The story is retarded. “An organisation formed to stop war”? Give me a fucking break. Just sounds like retarded Seed contradictions. But it worked in Seed since Kira is a smug piece of shit, and is actually Light Yagami. Also Seed has Andrew Waltfeld, who can save any disaster. Fuck, how do you think I finished Destiny? Why do you think I’m buying it now? For the fucking coffee, that’s why!
  • It’s directed by the retard who did that dumb shounen show that’s by Bones.
  • Wow I’ve used the word retard and retarded a lot already.

C’mon guys… just for me… get Tomino and Yaz back together… let them make one last UC epic to end them all. That’s all I ask. Just one more thing that’ll take us back to the days when Gundam was for true men and not pansy teenagers. Let’s see a show about hellish war, not fucking j-rock stars in space.

Anyway, time for bed… or time to watch the Layzner op for the 100th time…

Talking of Youtube, Koike68’s account was suspended. This leaves me quite sad as all those great MADs that I had on my favourites are now gone. Burn in hell Youtube!