Comic Site Rant: Being a comic artist is embarrassing~

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This comic is drawn fucking horribly. I kind of did it in a rush after the Kodomo no Jikan stuff happened. I actually had another comic (about AX) sketched out, but I really had to do something about this. Expect the comic about AX on Saturday. Talking of Kodomo no Jikan, some friends of mine have taken up translating it, and I’m typesetting for them. Expect chapter 6 soon.

A couple of other comic related points to touch upon– I recently got a nice piece of fanart, and just posted up another piece that I kept forgetting to post up. Also, I recently picked up a copy of Otaku USA. It’s a neato mag. My comic is at the end. It was cooling seeing my work in print, but all I thought was, “I could do better.” I’m kind of at a loss as to why they neglected to use my real name. I put it on the original draft, after all.

I haven’t watched a DVD in a while. Over the past week I’ve watched three DVDs, those being Haruhi vol 1, Karin vol 1 and half of Black Lagoon vol 1. The quality of all these really impressed me. A far cry from their fansubbed counterparts. They were all good stuff. I’ll go into greater detail about Haruhi in the podcast I’m recording today with Gareth.

That’s it for today. With hope I’ll have more to say come Saturday.