Comic Site Rant: Happy End Of The World

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Honestly, why can’t they make anime like this anymore? I’d love more shows about aliens “indiscriminately attacking Earth.” Anime today doesn’t have enough APOCALYPSE. Also, I love how crudely drawn that city is, especially considering it gets obliterated a couple frames later.

Romeo x Juliet is such easy prey. The show is so fucking ridiculous and stupid that it’s basically begging to be made fun of. However, in this comic I don’t even poke fun at its absolutely absurd changes and additions to the original story. Rather, I take the easy way out by saying, “hey now people can see Romeo and Juliet fucking in dirty doujin!” Chances are dirty Romeo and Juliet stories already exist out there. Rule 34 and all that. But now there will be Romeo and Juliet anime porn. YAY! I may continue on with this train of thought for another comic, or just drop it. I’m not sure if I like the Part II I came up with. The art here is ok. I like the background for the third panel a lot. I actually sketched this one out two times. The original sketches looked something like Gurren Lagann 4, so in comparison to those these aren’t too bad.

Watching Shana at the moment, and am up the point where they introduce the snowballing gaijin incest loli/shota twins. I’m not sure if I should get aroused or not, given the pandering is just so obvious, I’d feel as if I was playing into a trap. Shana is getting progressively more moe as her cold tsuntsun side has become less obvious and she’s developing feelings (how cute!) I liked Shana just for her character design originally, but it’s good to see that she may develop into a character I could acutally like. There is only one big problem with this show so far: the main character. Yuuji is so plain and worthless that it hurts. He’s even worst than Mr. People Die If They Are Killed. I hope at some point Yuuji graduates from the class of grade A bland heroes the school of grade A badasses. I don’t mind somewhat vanilla anime leads, but god I wanna smash Yuuji’s nuts in. Ok, I don’t hate him that bad but there are moments when I’m like “ARRRGGH.” Oh, and Yoshida is pretty good. No Mikuru, but she’s pretty cute.

Space Battleship Yamato has been doing fairly well. It’s not epic as of yet, and the episodes up till 13 have been a tad hit or miss. However, it’s beginning to shape up into what I imagined (especially now that they coloured the Gamilus blue.) I am worried that all but the third season has been subbed, though. Is anyone going to get on that? As far as I know that’s the only bit of the series that’s not been translated into English in some way (save the Star Blazers dub.) There definitely is something to Yamato. Episode 13 explained Kodai’s past, and you can definitely feel the feelings of a people who have lived through an apocalypse. A lot of the images in episode 13 really drove that idea home. Powerful stuff.

Darker Than Black is getting better. The latest two episode arc was fairly good. It could just be that my hate towards the show has subsided a bit, though (But November 11th was pretty cool.) Looks like they’re going to try comedy on for size next week. Getting Bebop flashbacks from when they introduced Edward. Also, Yin is hot.

That’s all for today. I’ll probably have a comic ready by next week.