Comic Site Rant: Wave Motion Gun

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The last two comics have been two panels simply due to time constraints. Last week I made the comic in the midst of finals, and this week I was working on two other things (one being this, the other being the second OTAKU USA comic.) This one is alright. The joke is pretty lame (and old news), but I like the first panel. Tina kind of looks like she’s falling on Rets, but other than that it’s fine. The second panel is just awkward. Totally unrelated, I finally changed the featured site and song. Check ’em out in the sidebar.

I had an interesting comic realated encounter the other day. MIT was showing the last four episodes of Scrapped Princess (good show, by the way!) and after the screening a man approached me. He asked if I was who I was, and I said yes. The man then went on to say that he was a fan of the comic. I was quite surprised by this, in a good way, mind you. It’s just that something like this hasn’t happened to me before. It made me quite happy. To the person who I met (I don’t believe I caught your name?) sorry if I came off as a little rude and awkward. There was that whole issue of being totally surprised, and the fact that I am unable to interact with people easily. It’s really nice to see readers in the flesh though. Gives some reality to all those numbers I look at on the stats pages.

Now that it’s summer, I have some semblance of “free time.” I do plan on getting some kind of part-time employment, but on the whole I have more time to screw around. That in mind, I’ve picked up two new series: Shakugan no Shana and (wait for it) Uchuu Senkan Yamato. Weird pairing, huh? Shana is starting off pretty slow. The first couple of episodes were awkward because they were weighed down with a lot of long winded explanation, but after that it became pretty ok. It’s nothing totally exciting right now, but it’s decent. I’m watching it for a couple of reasons: all the talk I heard about it when it was airing, and I just like Noiji Itou’s drawings. Yamato is pretty much a given. Every anime fan must watch it at some point in their life, and my time is now. I notice only the first two seasons have been subbed. Here’s hoping someone picks up the third (this is a hint to the fansubbers out there, btw.) It’s starting off pretty slow, too. I do like retro stylings, and dig the old-school feel but it’s a bit episodic as of now, with episodes being hit and miss (mostly hit.) My favourite character is the robot. Or the doctor.

That’s it for this week. Later.

maybe I should find a way to watch Tokimeki Tonight