Comic Site Rant: Tamashi no Brother, Soul no Kyoudai

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I generally don’t enjoy being serious here. In fact, I generally don’t enjoy being serious at all. But sometimes, certain things just need to be addressed. I’m sure by now anyone who lives in the US would have heard about the Virginia Tech shooting. Usually something like this wouldn’t dwell in my mind for too long, but this one hit a little close to home. I have a cousin that goes to VTech. Thankfully she is ok, but it kind of made me realize that these kinds of thing do have a chance happening to me and people I know. It’s kind of a scary thought.

Anyway, moving on to more pleasant matters…

Originally this comic was meant to be a one panel follow-up to the last one, but then that Lucky Star drama happened. And, as we all know, internet drama is far too good to be passed up. The more astute of you will notice the “Part I” in the title. I jumped back and forth between whether to include that or not. I guess now I am bound to produce horrible continuity, so I will. I do have something in mind, but over the course of two weeks it might lose its relevance. Hell, this comic is already less relevant than it could have been three days ago. Such is the internet. The artwork here is quite lazy. I went through a bunch of other settings before settling for a bridge at sunset. Sunsets are easy, and they look good no matter what. Also, the fact that I recently did a picture featuring a sunset might play into it. The character art is passable. You can see that I did some wacky horizontal flipping in the last panel. Laziness ++. For this comic I cleaned the lineart with a newly bought 0.3 mm mechanical pencil. I only bought this because I read in Newtype that Eiji Utsatsuka (perhaps you’ve heard of him. He did the original Zero no Tsukaima illustrations) uses one for his art. Finally, those tutorials teach me something useful. They always say “mechincal pencil” but they never say what size. So far I’m still getting used to it. The lead being thin breaks easily, so I need to get used to not pressing down so hard while still maintaining control.

In other site news there is a new podcast. This time we podcasted with rabidkimba of Welcome Datacomp. It is a part 1 that ends rather abruptly. Expect part 2 next week.

One more site detail. I will be attending Anime Boston this weekend with TheGreatSG (he was on the Code Geass podcast. Remember, the guy you couldn’t hardly hear by the end?) and his cameraman friend Sang (who I hope looks just like Tintin. Well, Tintin wasn’t really a cameraman. I guess Saiga would do.) If all goes according to plan, I’ll be running around with a digital audio recorder to do some at-con podcasting with them. Should be somewhat entertaining.

I think that’ll be it for this week. I’ll do in-depth anime stuff next week. Maybe. For now, all I’ll say is to watch Gurren Lagann. It’ll make you into man. And it has the best gattai sequence ever. Now, for the obligatory Yoko pic.


afk, sub lucky star 2 plz so i can watch it~

Edit: Oh yeah, this guy Darren emailed me asking me to tell you all that his site Anime 2 Manga is looking for staff. Apparently if you become a staff member you get a lot of neat benefits. So check that out, k?