Comic Site Rant: Little Wing

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Whoa hey, another comic! Weekly updates are kind of normal again! Too bad the artwork mostly sucks. I am mostly sad over Rets’ expression. I wanted him to wear a serious face, but each time I drew that he just looked angry. What I eventually got down is kind of weak. Ah well. I do really like how the background in panel 1 came out though. And yeah, we have lockers at our art school. They are quite handy.

A new podcast is up. This time with two brand new speakers! Gareth and Jeff! They were both real swell; however me, your intrepid host was feeling quite “out of it” so I kind suck in this one. I blame it on too many things to do today. And I still haven’t watched any anime. Uguu ToT. The show is about Kanon’s end, so there are spoilers. I would talk more about Kanon here, but I’ve already done so on the podcast and in this blog entry.

I recently finished Cardcaptor Sakura. Overall I was quite happy with the series. I mean, it is a kids’ show, but it’s so delightful and happy. Sakura, Tomoyo, Kero, Shaoran, Meilin and the rest are all great characters. It’s a nice show about growing up while facing hardship. In a way, it’s like Evangelion… except not as gory, depressing and mind fucking. Those 70 episodes didn’t really feel that long either. I talk more about the show here. Don’t especially feel like repeating it now.

I’ve been watching Scrapped Princess lately at MIT’s anime club. I could just easily download it (and I did so with four episodes that I missed) but I figured watching it on DVD there is more “legal.” Also, since I’m never really around anime fans, I figure this is a good chance to see some IRL. It’s good for “research” purposes. The show itself started kind of slow. I am not a fan of fantasy-like settings, but it’s pretty obvious from the get-go that it’s not your generic fantasy outing. I like it when they really kick in with the SF half way. I am considering buying the cheap brick that Bandai recently released. If I come out liking it, that is.

That’s it. Another short rant, but I’m bushed. Will try to fit in some anime today.