Precious memories of youth: Farewell, our beloved Kanon

Spoilers ahead. Just saying.

This shirt is a succinct and accurate assessment of Yuuichi’s character over the past few episodes.

I finally found a spare moment to sit down and watch the the final episode of the Sad Girls in Snow Epic. I had already watched it raw a little while ago, but due to various factors I had to put off watching the fan-subtitled version until just now. I honestly don’t know what to think, really. I mean, I never thought the show as outright bad or mediocre, but the last couple of episodes have been quite iffy.

I am mostly unreceptive to the show ending, because the last set of episodes primarily focused on the girl I care about the least. As some of you may know, I was in love with the series from the first episode, all the way up to about episode 21. However, as far as I’m concerned, once Akiko got intimately familiar with snow covered pavement, the show went down hill.

Once again, Nayuki gets shafted. It’s a sad truth that was apparent from the release of promo DVD with the creditless opening and ending sequences. Much like Shinji Ikari, I tried to run away from brutal truth, hoping in vain for a surprise Nayuki ending. It really is depressing, because the girl deserves better. I think the show would have befitted from those rumoured extra two episodes, if it meant more Nayuki screentime.

But, honestly, on the whole, it’s a damn good show. No matter what horrible taste the Ayu arc left in my mouth, I cannot forget how riveting and wonderful Mai’s and Shiori’s arcs were. Makoto’s certainly pulled on my heartstrings and inspired tears here and there, but its execution was a bit rough, however miles better than Ayu’s episodes of emotional manipulation.

On the production side of things, KyoAni impresses once again. I can only remember one episode where things looked noticeably off and there were some stiff episodes every now and again, but overall the show was drop dead beautiful. I commend them for being able to keep up such quality for 24 episodes. Directing wise, Ishihara is more mellow here compared to his previous work on Haruhi (for good reason.) Nothing was particularly striking about the direction, but it was better quality than your normal TV show. Not Hideaki Anno level, but damn good. Especially the last episode. Beautiful stuff.

I don’t know when I’ll get around to watching this again. I’ve still yet to rewatch Air after watching it about two (?) years ago. Maybe I should just have some Key/KyoAni marathon once they complete Clannad. However, I fear I’ll lose any semblence of manhood I have left after that. Not even Giant Robo would be able to save me at that point…

Also, Shiori is my new favourite girl. Sorry Nayuki, blame the writers.