Comic Site Rant: Words can’t even begin to describe how I feel at this moment

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I would so write something if I wasn’t sick of everything right now. I’ve literally been working since I’ve woke up and I’ve properly gone mad. Making this comic did calm me down a little, though. I’ve made Tina extra moe in this. Twin tails, pink hair ribbons and nail paint? MOE RIGHT. MOE. I drew up some different hair styles for her, which I am thinking of alternating between comics. Should be fun. This comic is actually funnier without the text, I find. Well, without Rets’ and Tina’s lines. Their expressions are enough. But yeah, this one is a bit of a cop out. Just one proper drawing. I’ll try to churn out something by next week, but the schedule’s looking tight…

…and I still haven’t watched Kanon 24 subbed yet. Seen it raw, though.

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