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Yeah, I don’t feel like making an avatar for this week.

I think I’m allowed to be stupid every now and again. I mean, I’m not going to lie, this comic is fucking stupid. Certain comics have been stupid, but this is just… really stupid. Why is Tina even crying? That site had little to nothing for girls. Please, take this comic as a very “what if” situation. Which is to say, pretend that it didn’t really happen. Or something. Though, I did really wanted to do something about danbooru, given its significance to US Otaku culture. Sure, we have sagubooru now, but danbooru was the original, and must be remembered. Anyway, writing woes aside, I do like the artwork. I especially like how Ikeda’s face came out in the last panel (also, yes, he did make an appearance in a previous comic.) I enjoy drawing men in suits for some reason, so the guys were fun to draw. I had fun drawing Tina, too. I don’t know much about dresses, so when it comes to drawing them, I just draw something sexy that I’d fap to, which is exactly what I did here. Sexual fantasy ftw :3

For those who don’t read the blog, the first Otaku USA comic has been completed. It has Patrick’s seal of approval, and should be appearing in the first issue of the magazine, which will be out in June. I’m quite excited about seeing it in print. I would like to post these same comics up on the site, but I’m not sure if I can do that. I’ll have to discuss it with the publisher. If I can’t then… you’ll just have to find the magazine, or something.

I am quite behind on this week’s anime. Loads of school work and traveling have hindered any progress towards reducing the backlog. Most of the stuff on there is stuff that barely gets subbed anyway, so it should be fine. I kind of want to kick my self for not watching Kanon, though. I did watch a lot of anime today however, but it was all on DVD. One of the titles being Pani Poni Dash. I find I’m enjoying the series a lot more now without two-week to month long breaks between episodes. When I was originally watching the series, I kind of forgot about the characters between viewing sessions given the space between the episodes was so long. Now that I’m watching the show episode after episode, I can enjoy and appreciate their quirks more. The show is still as exhausting as ever. It’s either because I’m laughing so much, or there’s just so much going on. ADVs DVDs make the show more watchable, given they are not absolutely plastered with (multi-coloured) text like the fansubs, so that helps. Also, Becky is hot. Loli fashion o/

The other show I watched today was Gunbuster. I find Gunbuster to be quite a fun work. To be honest, the early episodes are quite amature. The animation is good, but still rough around the edges. The story telling is simplistic, and the script writing is quite corny at points. But it’s kind of endearing. Watching the work of then young creators and animators, simply making something they like, chock full of inside jokes and fan-pandering to themselves. It’s that kind of spirit that really makes the series great. The DVD itself is fine. Nothing flashy, but it works. I’m kind of wondering why a preview for episode four plays after the preview for episode three, though… that’s kind of weird. DVD glitch? Will a Manga Entertainment-style recall be in order?

Lately I’ve been reading the original Excel Saga manga. Three volumes in and I’m finding it less funny than the anime. However, I do find the humour to be more clever. Laughs are steadily building up throughout the course of volume three, but at this point it looked like Rikudo was still trying to find proper tempo and timing with his gags. Either that, or I don’t get most of them. After all, Excel Saga is a commentary on Japanese society, so it’s natural that a lot of the jokes would fly over my head (hell, a comic about American society would leave me scratching my head.) I do like it, though. It’s very absurdest in nature, and I find that to be quite funny. Not quite Waiting for Godot, but you know.

That’s all for tonight guys. Oyasumi~