More US Haruhi Details

So I just looked at the source code for, and…

<!– Some of them desire the original japanese OP/EDs untouched –>
<!– They don’t want english credits? :( –>
<!– It is difficult to please everyone at the same time –>
<!– What about multi-angle video? –>
<!– Done improperly it will look ugly, let’s devote the full stream to one video –>
<!– How about putting the Japanese-language OP/ED sequence on the special edition DVDs? –>
<!– So regular edition will have english-translated OP/EDs, and the special edition will have the original Japanese-language OP/EDs left as-is? –>
<!– An excellent compromise. –>
<!– Let us hope they are happy –>
<!– I wonder if anyone reads these messages? –>
<!– Are you packed yet? –>

I know this is stupid and picky of me, but I like when companies leave the credits in Japanese (or do the whole multi-angle thing, which FUNi does.) English credits on a Japanese production just seems awfully strange to me. It doesn’t affect my viewing experience either way, I just prefer the credits in Japanese. So it seems the original opening and endings will be left as is on the special editions, which is cool, given I’ll be buying those. I guess their reasoning was that the more hardcore fans would buy the SEs, and the hardcore fans are the only ones who would care about such a detail. I’m coming to like this release more and more.

<!– I wonder if anyone reads these messages? –>