Random Uninteresting Loots (56k never)

Nah, no doujins, figures or pillow cases today folks. Just good old fashion DVDs.

Over the past four weeks I’ve acquired a decent number of DVDs, and have watched… none of them. But, I have seen (for the most part) what is on them in some form before, so I’m somewhat qualified to informally (very informally) review them.

All the lovely loots~


  • Memories
  • Gundam Seed Destiny volumes 5 and 6 (special edition)
  • Kamichu! volume 4
  • Gunbuster collection
  • Pani Poni Dash! volume 2 with box
  • Chocotto Sister volume 5 with box

Not pictured

  • Excel Saga manga volumes 1-6 (won’t be talking about them since they’re older than time)

Memories: Yes, I suppose this is “older than time” as well. I rented this a year or so ago and enjoyed it a lot. I happened to have a Borders gift card one day and decided to pick it up on a whim. If I remember correctly, my favourite was “Stink Bomb”

Gundam Seed Destiny volume 5 and volume 6 special edition: I’m hoping they mean “special” as in “retarded.” This is like the gayest special edition ever. First off, it comes in a big, stupid box and secondly, the thing that makes this edition “special” is the t-shirt, which fucking sucks. For serious, it’s just the logo printed in Japanese on the front (quite small, too.) The back boasts (sarcasm) the logo in English, but it’s really fucking huge. Also, it looks like the image they used for that side was a badly compressed gif. I could probably count all 32 colours if I was bored enough. I’ll watch these eventually.

Kamichu volume 4: I actually haven’t seen the end of Kamichu. The show never got much love from the fansub crowd when it aired, and I didn’t watch raws, so I never got around to seeing it past episode 5. I am looking forward to finishing this. Packaging is the usual Geneon quality, which is to say, quite high.

Gunbuster collection: Why does one of the most influential OVAs ever have such an uninspired cover? It boggles my mind. Sure, I am not as enraged as my compatriot Seiya was, but seriously Bandai Visual. I understand it’s deluxe and all but… have you no decent designers down there?


Pretty “meh”, wouldn’t you agree?

The back cover is no surprise. Your usual fare. It’s the image on the cover extended around the back, with some text and screencaps pasted over it.


Nothing to see here, move along…

Ah, but that cover is nothing more than a slip case. The real DVD case resides inside. It’s a little better. Across two panels are a 3D rendering of the Gunbuster in what looks like a hanger, with a photo of two (real?) people photochoped in. Not great, but a little better. The last of the three panels is graced with an image of the cast looking epic.

The DVD case.

The disc designs make me laugh… Liking the line art in the back.

It also comes with a book, which is rather well made. A lot of high quality screengrabs, character art and infos. I haven’t read it yet but it looks good.

The Japanese side because I am a WEEABOO~

On the whole, it seems with this release they were just doing what they thought looked cool with no regards to good design.

Pani Poni Dash! volume 2 with artbox: ADV is rather good with producing things, but as of late some of their DVD packaging has looked downright stupid (Shiro would agree with me.) I am glad the PPD DVDs more or less retain the look of their Japanese counterparts. The artbox they came up with is quite nice, too. It’s essentially just random promotional images stuck on either side of the box, but it works well enough. Nice, clean and attractive.

Hot picture of Becky on the front…

Hotter picture of Becky and a select few (a happy few… a band of brothers) of her students on the other side.

Original Japanese cover art ftw! Apparently this is a reference to the band Guns ‘n’ Roses… someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Chocotto Sister volume 5 with box: It seems ol’ Dai-Nihon has finally got around to doing the whole “one volume with box” thing. Sure, they are spreading the series over two boxes, but it’s a start. Also, it’s an 8 DVD release for a 24 episode series! That’s somewhat, reasonable. Note: I’ve yet to buy volumes 2-4 and 6-8 because… Japanese DVDs is expensive. I just got this for the box. I will fill them up in good time. But, what a box it is!



Officer, I swear to God that this is not child pornography.

Not really that important, but the back cover has a typo.

Like the last DVD box, this one comes with a paper spread of the box image. Click on the image below to get the ZOMG MY BROWSER IS CRASHING 300 dpi scan.

That’s it for today. I need to watch some fukken animu, pack and print some boarding passes… going home tomorrow.

(yes I did make a bit of a throwaway reference to William Shakespeare in there…)