My Goddamn House (56k no)

Well, apartment, but you know. I posted some pictures back when I first moved in, but I figured I’d post some now that it’s more, uh, “lived in.” Also I wish to do battle with Os. Room battle. Please read this post while listening to my theme song.

Pics after the jump. 56k no. NSFW.

It gets cold in Boston. Ya needs some coats if you want to survive in this cold and heartless city of crime and sin.

The goddamn stairs. You may recognize them from a comic.

IRASSHAIMASE. My Japanese teacher gave it to me :D

My bed. I have the sheets open to my Kaede hug pillow. Yes I have fucking horses on my sheets shut up. You can see talking Lacus next to the bed.

The shelf of fun stuff. Select DVDs from home, some manga, dirty doujins, figures, etc.

Posters and calender. The four Shuffle! ones are from the Dengeki Hime specials. The only manly one is the Gundam one. I have a ZZ Gundam one somewhere else but I figured it wasn’t worth taking a picture of the corner where it is.

The kitchen area. You can see Fuu and Char’s Counterattack on the freezer door.

The fucking table. Lots of crap on it. Covered up stuff that may reveal secret evil world domination plans. Asa balloon is kinda cute, I have to admit. Oh, the sketchbook with all the recent comics is on there. Haha.

More calendars. Unused laptop. Crap. The kitty boxers are there.

CCS poster screams pedo. More Dengeki Hime posters. Some naughty Kaede pictures. External harddrives. You’ve probably seen this area in a few comics, too.

Where all (and I mean all) the action happens.


That’s it. Hope you all had fun invading my privacy.