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Now I know what Patrick was referencing here. More on this later. First I need to talk about some comics.

I’m going to backtrack a bit and talk about the comics I neglected to comment on because I was too lazy. First off is comic 29. I wasn’t so sure if people were going to laugh at this. In my mind it was only funny for a second, then I realized it was kind of lame? People liked it though, so that’s all that matters. The art is ok. The background in the first panel is really kind of sucky. I can’t get the details down well. They are supposed to be a subway station, by the way. You know, one of them nice ones with news stands and stuff.

I’m quite happy with comic 30. Save the first panel (tried to be a bit too ambitious there) the rest of the comic looks fairly good, and it’s funny! Mashimo probably wouldn’t appreciate me portraying him like a raging drunk, most likely because it is true. God, Bee Train.

The newest comic is one of my lazier ones. Backgrounds are kind of bleh, and so is the character art. Especially the screaming panel. Ugh. I tried for LOL FUNNY DETAILED FACE and failed this time. But the joke makes up for all that? This is totally true by the way, too. I hate my life.

In other comic news, I got some hawt fanart, which you can be viewed in the fanart section. Podcast in the works maybe? Trying to get a new speaker on. We’ll see how that goes.

Believe it or not, I just watched all of the original three Gundam movies for the first time this week. I’ve never actually finished the TV series (watched on CN dubbed back in “the day” before it got cancelled and now following the fansubs.) I am happy to actually see the fucking end of it instead of just reading summaries or looking at screencaps. It was, how can I say, totally epic? While they were kind of rough around the edges on the technical side of things, these three movies cut all the crap from the TV series and tell a tight, gripping, war epic. Some small things could have used fixing, like certain important events weren’t built up enough, and M’Queve was delegated the role of “glorified officer who is actually not very important to the plot.” But, honestly, these movies are great. I’d recommend them to anyone. Now, the Zeta movies on the other hand…

I’m watching Cardcaptor Sakura for the first time, too. I can’t say much about it now because I actually haven’t watched it much in the past week due to various circumstances, but I’ll get back on it. I really like it though. Very MOE and whatnot. But moe with heart. Not produced moe. Sakura is so cute. In other news, I’ve already accumulated 200 megs of CCS porn :)

Um. I’m also reading the first Haruhi novel. Yeah. Finally. That’s it really. Don’t have much writing drive today. I can try and guarantee a comic for next week. I already have a script idea, just a matter of drawing it.

i really hate my life