Further Haruhi-related developments (and other things)

In addition to the Haruhi-related developments on the North American front yesterday, our friends in Japan were also presented with something strange: a fake Internet Explorer-styled 404 page. At first glance it looks like nothing special, but upon closer examination of a certain graphic, it is clear that something is up. Further digging into the site’s source code reveals a curious message, “プログラム起動条件・鍵をそろえよ。最終期限・二日後”, or translated (not by me) “Program starting requirement: Complete the key. Final period after two days.” This is apparently a reference to the fourth novel, Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu or the The Vanishing of Suzumiya Haruhi, which is most likely the next book to be adapted. As of today, the site hasn’t seen many changes, save the inclusion of a mysterious link at the very bottom of the page. Click it. Something neat happens.

asosbrigade.com has seen another update, too. Again, digging into the site’s source code reveals something interesting, “北米計画が発効した。”, or “American project has begun.” Yeah, it’s licensed. FUNi is most likely doing the distribution, well, if this means anything.

Man, stuff like this gets me burning with passion or something. I guess I have to finish re-watching the first series now. If there is any problem with Haruhi, it is the factor that also helped it: the out of order airing. Given the story isn’t told in a linear fashion, there’s not much incentive to continue on with the next episode immediately because it won’t necessarily continue on with the story. Despite that, re-watching the series has been a pleasure. I should probably start episode 6 after I watch the sub of NHK 23 and the last episode of Chocosis.

In other news, I recently bought all of Cardcaptor Sakura at one of RightStuf’s wacky sales. Seriously, I’ve been wondering where this show has been all my life. It’s as if the ladies of Clamp got together to create this wonderful ball of moe, love, happiness and cute just for the future pedo me. One DVD down, 17 to go…

Also, I’ve been working on a comic. With luck it’ll be posted before Christmas. It’s the wacky Christmas special, if you haven’t guessed, which features Tina Rets dressed in nothing but a Santa hat.

No. Here’s the preview image.