Ero Ero Ero

Warning: This post is going to have a good number of NSFW images. Don’t say I didn’t warn you~

So, I played Really? Really! most of yesterday, only stopping when I got my first ero-scene. Some way or another, I ended up fucking Primula first. While I had planned to fuck Kaede first, you can’t do much when you’re playing the game more or less blind. Most of the time I felt like I was stumbling around a dark maze, not really knowing which way to go. See, Really? Really!’s system isn’t nice and straight forward like Shuffle!’s so it leaves non-Japanese-speaking weeaboos like me confused most of the time. Sure, pretty much most of the game is clicking through dialogue, but then there’s the instances when you “plunge into the really zone” or have to go around to the A, B, C, etc blocks. Ok, so it’s not that much more complicated than Shuffle! (what with its few “Choose Your Destiny” events), but it’s complicated enough to leave a jackass like me with spinning spiral eyes. But, despite all that, I am having “fun”, I guess. I’m not sure if it’s simply me anticipating all the ero scenes, or if the game is tickling some kind of “inner otaku.” Who knows? In any case, I gotta find a away to squeeze out the Kaede ero scenes. Looking at the CG set, they look all kinds of incredible. I really hope this isn’t one of those cases of when you’re on one path, you’re stuck on it. Speaking of the CG set, it was kind of sad to see that there weren’t any kinky threesomes like the ones I saw in the Tick! Tack! CG set. I was kind of hoping for some Kaede x Primula x Rin or some Kaede x Sakura x Rin stuff. Ah well, it’s not too much of a problem. The hotness of all the ero-scenes more than makes up for that. Also, the fact that you can fuck characters like Nadeshiko-sensei and Mayumi also makes the game win. So yeah, once I pick up my pillowcase and come back from Karate, I expect another six or so hours of straight “playing.” Let’s see where my blind stumbling leads me.





EDIT: It would seem that there is only one path according to the amazing, awesome Japanese-speaking DarkMirage. So does that mean if I play my cards right (ke ke ke) I can get all pron in one swift stroke?

EDIT MKII: Thanks to Cortana, I’m no longer shooting blind. Thanks, Cort.