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Yeah, so this comic is about that kinda sorta major but not official announcement about Haruhi 2 that happened forever ago. The writing is bland as usual, so I won’t even talk about it. The Government of Darkness bit is a reference to Patrick Macias. I figure if I can reference anime, I can reference individuals who write about anime. On the art side, I tried to emulate Shinkai lighting. I kind of failed, but whatever. I made this on my laptop, so the colors I applied to the lighting weren’t as pronounced as they are on my normal monitor. The lighting looks kind of weird, looking at it now. Overall I’d say the art is fairly average. Also, Tina’s room is pretty bare. Maybe I should spend some time designing it…

It seems a lot of people have been linking the site as of late, one of them being the quite well known Danny Choo. This of course makes me very happy. So, I’d like to take a moment to extend my thanks to all those who’ve linked the site. I really appreciate it, and I promise I’ll try to deliver better content in the future.

I still couldn’t care less for the story of Code Geass. Well, I actually used to care, then I noticed how hot all the girls are, and stopped caring. It seems the otaku crowd agrees with me on my assessment, and have produced a large amount of very ero pics of each of the girls over the past eight or so weeks. One artist of note is Yukian (nsfw), who seems to be churning out at least one hot pic a week, along with a some gag comics featuring Jeremiah “Orange” Gottwald and is also working on a doujin. I’m so glad this series is popular. If it wasn’t, I may be forced to make my own ero (like I did with Karin) and, well, I’m not the greatest artist. On the less important story side of things, the plot seems to be unfolding at a slow pace now. The first four or five episodes moved fairly fast plot wise, but it seems the series has slowed down a bit. It’s taking time to develop and introduce characters, only dropping hints of things to come in the form of flashbacks and such. This isn’t bad at all though, and fairly normal for anime. In any case, I’m looking forward to the rest. And I’m also hoping this happens eventually. Yeah.

At episode 21 NHK seems to be firmly on its way to an original ending, one that won’t leave those unfamiliar with the manga hanging. Actually, I’m wondering how original it is. I’m suspecting it may be more in tune with the novel, but I’m not sure given I’m not familiar with the novel at all. If anyone has an NHK novel summary lying around, shoot it my way. I’d like to read it. Anyway, I’ve liked the last few episodes a lot. Their tone kind of reminds me of the last few episodes of Evangelion. Everything seems very bleak, and the series is laying that “THE SHOW IS ENDING” air down pretty thick. The animation has been fairly decent for the most part as well, save episode 19. Though, one thing I didn’t really like was the montage in episode 21. It was all too cliche and uninspired. It didn’t really go on for too long, so it didn’t really detract from anything, and the music used was good. So, with luck the anime ending could be quite spectacular. I have high hopes.

Hataraki Man just barely passed the three episode test. The first episode was fairly decent, but didn’t really grab me. Episode two was downright awful, mostly because the animation was horrid. Episode three was kind of interesting because I enjoyed the character they focused on, but I’m not sure how central he’ll be later on. Right now I declare the show “under probation” and will drop it without a second thought if an episode totally sucks. It has potential to be something interesting, but it’s not really acting on it.

Anyway, that’s it. Until next week… maybe.

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