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High Class Dining

Found on the way to Shinjuku. Place was packed.

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moé loli and shota figure

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What The Fuck

To make it all the more confounding, it seems this series of CDs is called “Lucky Star” I do like the loli on that last one, I will admit.

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The Most Dangerous Video Ever Made

Since I actually know how to find The Important Things on Nico Nico now, I’ll probably be posting shit from there a lot when I have nothing else to do. That said, I did not find the video I’m about … Continue reading

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Hahaha, what

Oh man, I just had a dream where Golgo 13 was fighting Lupin III. It was far more bizarre than that, but I can’t even begin to describe just how batshit this all was. For starters tough, Golgo had emotions. … Continue reading

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you

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Mandarake just got more insane

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Ronald Reagan wa Akuma

Boondocks in Japanese

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