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Final word on this stuff

The little spot of dorama I created about a fortnight ago still hasn’t subsided. A few days ago the fine userbase of FANDOM WANK, a site which I had never heard of (since they’re not super cool enough for me … Continue reading

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Thank you referral log

Welcome to two weeks ago. Why the hell write about this, and why now, two fucking weeks after the fact? Two weeks is like 10 years old in internet time, and we all know nothing on the internet is allowed … Continue reading

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:mad: pt III Be Forever, Internet Dorama

In this final installment of my epic and experimental :mad: saga (with an anime adapation directed by Akiyuki Shinbo, animated by SHAFT coming next summer) I will clear up some misconceptions that have been floating around (mostly in Mr. Mirage’s … Continue reading

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:mad: intermission ALSO sexy preview footage of :mad: 3

Sexy intermission music, by the house’s very own Isao Sasaki. Give him a clap, will you?! I expressed distinct displeasure over getting level headed, somewhat well thought out responses to my epic fits of madness. However, times are changing with … Continue reading

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This is the super awesome sequel to my previous super awesome post. Unfortunately this post will probably make sense and be somewhat intelligible as it is not written while I bang my head against a wall. Well, the sequel can … Continue reading

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This post is kind of a disjointed fit of rage, so please excuse me. It’s not so much that I’m mad at Gundam 00. I’m not one to get mad at TV shows, that’s a silly thing to do. I … Continue reading

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