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Yes, my sweet. Yes, my sweetest. I wanna get back Where you were.

Now to make a post that’ll get no comments at all. Thank God for that, huh! There’s a new Nadesico pachinker game that opened up in Akiba, and as such there’s been something of a Nadesico advertising blitz going around. … Continue reading

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Random 12/08/08

Since I was two episodes behind, I dropped Yozakura Quartet. Despite the harsh things I say about it elsewhere, it’s not an altogether bad show. The character interaction is great, but that’s not really enough to save it from its … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: SA☆SU☆GA☆DA

Original Post No rant today because I’m on break, but here are some quick notes. Kurogane no Linebarrels is actually enjoyable now So is To Aru Majutsu no Index Been making a fool of myself on mixi Gundam Musou is … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: It’s Cold Outside

Original Post I think I’ve squeezed all the life I’m able to squeeze out of Gundam 00 jokes at this point, especially considering that I haven’t actually watched the show. However, with the second season around, I couldn’t very well … Continue reading

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Regarding the theft of precious things

Currently bugging Link to turn me into a Touhou fag by any means necessary. This is basically an attempt to up my nerd cred– after that, I just gotta step up my Japanese and read 2ch regularly. Also, I don’t … Continue reading

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