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WE GOT THIS SHIT FOR FREE, MAN! (09/26/08 edition)

Oh man, last night at MIT they were giving away free shit. Considering I’m dangerously poor, I jump at any opportunity for free stuff, and boy did I jump! Well, I guess I only jumped a little. I had to … Continue reading

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Otaku in the 90s

Note: I’m basically talking out of my butt for this one. If there are any big mistakes, let me know. When I watch 90s anime it’s always kind of a weird experience. Despite growing up with the stuff, each time … Continue reading

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Tenchi’s mum is hot

I present to you anime beauty, perfected. Well, I’m bias, since I have thing for ’90s designs. But she’s pretty hot, yeah? Talk about nostalgia, I just watched the first Tenchi movie, TENCHI MUYO IN LOVE (what a lovely Engrish … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: anta no sei ja nai wa

Original Post Was kind of bored so I just decided to post this comic up. It’s my generic Gundam ranting, with fairly uninpsired artwork. I didn’t really have any ideas at the time, but wanted to make a comic, so … Continue reading

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Welcome to 1995

Been watching the Tenchi TV series lately. I had started to watch the original OVA a while back, but it got lost in the crowd with all the other things I was watching. I recently got the TV series collection … Continue reading

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