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wah’s 5 awesome tips for picking up Japanese chicks

Guys I’ve been fuckin’ so many chicks lately you will not believe. AND THEY’RE ALL JAPANESE. If you want to get in on this awesome piece of Japanese asses just follow my 5 easy steps for being a fucking awesome … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Bakemonogatari web episode news

Remember how back when Bakemonogatari was announced, there was news that the show was too long for its TV broadcast, and the remaining three episodes of the fifteen episode series had to be streamed online? Well, I just got some … Continue reading

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High Class Dining

Found on the way to Shinjuku. Place was packed.

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a car Kennedy rode in

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I know of animation “Evangelion” because of Pachinko game

Hello!!! Do you all know animation “Evangelion”? It is very popular animation in Japan. But I have not watch “Evangelion” until I play the PACHINKO game. Here is picture of “Evangelion” pachinko all over Japan!!! Is not “Evangelion” very interesting!!!!!

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moé loli and shota figure

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quick response www

sup re: anime blogs– once all anime bloggers have either a) become fluent in Japanese and have lived in Japan for a period of time or b) have been fans for 10+ years, then I’ll start taking them seriously. Until … Continue reading

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