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Comic Update: I’m a Believer

Original Post News of the Strike Witches movie prompted this comic. It got me thinking of what kind of Strike Witches movie I’d really like to see (as opposed to what will actually get made, which will probably own anyways) … Continue reading

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I got an email from Amazon.com about some fuckin’ Strike Witches DVD

I have this old hotmail account that’s basically good for nothing anymore except for MSN and getting spammy emails from sites like Amazon or whatever. Now I usually delete these emails from Amazon without even opening them, but today I … Continue reading

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I bought the entire history of moe and it only cost me 2000 yen

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そろそろリネットさんの抱き枕が出るそうだ。 何だよ、このタイミング?コミケはもう一週間であるよ。どうしよう...もし、ルッキーニさんのカバーが出たら、僕は本当にやばいな状態に成る。 金があれば... 金があれば!!! ,

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the beginning of the end

I was kind of staying away from posters in my Japan place because a) I wasn’t sure if the walls could handle it, and b) too much work. However, having just gotten my hands on the old December 2008 issue … Continue reading

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Strike Witches Season 2, Motherfuckers

YOU BET IT’S HAPPENING. Hear that, Daryl? That shitty shit you like is still being ignored, but awesome stuff like STRIKE WITCHES is getting another season! Oh wait, I like that shitty shit Daryl likes, too. Oh well. MORE STRIKE … Continue reading

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The Fierce War of 2008: Band of Brothers

Provided that you are not jaded as all hell, every year it is not usual to come out with a select few shows you absolutely love, and would most certainly watch again. These are special shows. Shows that you look … Continue reading

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This post is just a Strike Witches picture and some text

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Now I need Megami 103. Motherfucking need. I want this big, beautiful B2 size poster on my wall STAT.

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Comic Site Rant: Shoe Circus? Quality shoes at discount prices, why pay more? Bill Gates!?

Original Post I won’t lie, I actually really like this comic. Yeah, Mursaki and Rets Kurenai didn’t turn out just as planned in those second and third panels, but aside from that I like how this one came out. This … Continue reading

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September 2008 Anime

Current Chi’s Sweet Home: Pretty easy to catch up on considering each episode is only three minutes. I watch them in sets of four here and there. Code Geass R2: Oh lawd. Golgo 13: …. Hidamari Sketch x365: This show … Continue reading

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