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Sora Kake Girl 2010 Calendar

The anime calendar has been something of an addiction of mine for the past five years. It has gotten better over time–what was once four calendars a year has now turned into one–but I still love these things as much … Continue reading

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June 2009

Asura Cryin’: The entertaining part has kind of gone away and now it’s just bad. If this episode I have sitting here doesn’t blow my mind I’ll drop it, even if I am past the point of no return. Dragon … Continue reading

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May 2009

Asura Cryin: Moments of expert storyboarding and directing, but the writing really isn’t that stellar. Dragon Ball Kai: Wow, is Goku really getting across Snake Road in like… three episodes? Man, DBZ with all the fat trimmed is actually pretty … Continue reading

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March 2009 Anime

Casshern Sins: I’m actually starting to enjoy it as it nears the end. Kind of feels pointless, though. Clannad ~After Story~: It’s kind of gotten to the point where I really don’t care, but it’s not that bad. Still very … Continue reading

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February Anime

Casshern Sins: After thirteen episodes of philosophical musings on what it means to live and die, the show has finally moved on to its plot-centric portion, and as such has become slightly better. I am however still mostly watching this … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: これからはとっぷし~くれっと

Original Post I don’t like explaining my jokes (speaking of which, I need to get around to updating the reference guide) but since no-one for some reason watches Zettai “The Best Show Ever” Karen Children I figure I should explain … Continue reading

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Winter 2009 Rundown

Instead of doing three at a time, I’m just going to blaze through all of these at once. Akikan Oh Akikan! What could have been! You had such a wonderfully dumb concept! If handled correctly, you could have been immensely … Continue reading

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