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The Year in Review: My Youth in 2007

2007 was really fucking uneven. The first few months got by on the better titles that carried over from 2006, but between April and August it was something of a wasteland. I managed to get my fix for good modern … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: The Comiket of Despair

Original Post First comic of ’08! It looks kind of bad! It’s not totally horrible, but it’s not totally good, either. I do like Tina’s yandere face in panel 4, though. After reading this comic over and over, I realized … Continue reading

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Japan, stop holding out on me


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What would you do?

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please come here now sky girls

I feel bad deleting episodes of Sky Girls after I watch them, as I find that I am truly liking the show enough to archive it for at least some time. All the elements just work so well for me. … Continue reading

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First Impression: Sky Girls

For some reason they thought they needed backstory, which was what episode one was. All set up to the crazy stuff we saw in the OVA released whenever ago. It’s not bad setup, but it’s also fairly generic setup. It’s … Continue reading

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