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It’s a hardknock life for SHAFT

I don’t think that SHAFT produces pure gold 100% of the time, but one thing that characterizes all of their works is a habit of injecting large amounts of visual flare on a limited budget. This is one of the … Continue reading

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It seems SHAFT will be takin’ it easy

The more astute of you may have noticed that in the preview for the upcoming summer 2010 anime season, any sort of production by studio SHAFT is mysteriously absent. I can’t tell you why exactly, as my main source for … Continue reading

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I need your comments: General opinions on SHAFTXSHINBO works

Alright guys, here’s the story: I got wrapped up in a thing that I want to leave as a surprise for now, but for it to go anywhere I need to conduct some quick and dirty research. Since I have … Continue reading

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I loved Arakawa Under The Bridge, but then I didn’t like it as much

If we lived in a perfect world, SHAFT and Shinbo Akiyuki would make shows that all centered around lolita characters in all manner of situations ranging from comedic to deadly serious. What they actually produce tends to be just as … Continue reading

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Kyoto Animation and SHAFT are kind of similar

While this may come as a surprise, along with being a fan of the constantly-in-the-red SHAFT, I am also rather fond of the constantly-in-the-black Kyoto Animation. I will admit to liking SHAFT a smidge better–mostly due to them getting the … Continue reading

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Shinbo has a Twitter

Thanks to a tip from a Shinbo/SHAFT fanboy more dangerous than myself, I have found Shinbo Akiyuki’s Twitter account. What kind of deep and insightful comments lie within the man’s 22 tweet long history? Find out here, in a Mistakes … Continue reading

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The cheapness of the SHAFT aesthetic

Anime is a cheap medium. If you think otherwise you’re lying to yourself. However, one of the things that separates mediocre work from superb work is how you’re able to use your limited resources for maximum artistic effect. A studio … Continue reading

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Stupid things no one cares about regarding ZAN SAYONARA ZETSUBOU SENSEI

At a cursory glance it’s easy to write each Zetsubou Sensei series off as all the same, but they’re actually all quite different in terms of presentation. The first one is slowly paced and eases you into the formula, Zoku … Continue reading

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Comic Update: Red Roses For The Killer

Original Post I think from this point on, I’ll simply continue to portray Shinbo as some crazy sex pervert. I enjoy this portrayal of him. However, it would make things awkward if I were to ever run into him at … Continue reading

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The great forces of Watanabe Akio and Shinbo Akiyuki have come together to once again bring us

naked little girls. Shinbo getting up in years (the man is nearly 50) has slowly but surely been easing off the naked little girls since Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase-. Negima!? was a transitional period, Hidamari Sketch and Zetsubou Sensei worked as … Continue reading

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