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Comic Site Rant: 未来は僕等の手の中

Original Post I actually had this one drawn and done for a bit. The idea was to get this one done real early, then have the one for next week done already. That didn’t really pan out since I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: My Youth in 2007

2007 was really fucking uneven. The first few months got by on the better titles that carried over from 2006, but between April and August it was something of a wasteland. I managed to get my fix for good modern … Continue reading

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The End of School Days (spoilerz luls)

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I’m terrible

This is the smartest thing he’s said in the entire series so far. Just finished episode 8. It’s pretty funny how things just go from bad to worse, only because these kids are just a bunch of fucking morons. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Random crap

Darker Than Black can be really worth it sometimes. That part is funnier if you know all the stuff leading up to it, though. The episode itself was fairly good. The show has been mostly hit or miss with me, … Continue reading

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Those wacky teens!

School Days is an extremely frustrating show. This is mostly due the leading man, Makoto, who is one of the most irritating romance leads I’ve come across in a while. Not that I have much experience with the genre mind … Continue reading

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