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Comic Site Rant: キ ラ ッ ☆

Original Post For the 100th comic I decided to go full circle and refer back to the beginning of the comic to kind of pat myself on the back for getting this far. As far as art goes, I really … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: “I feel as though nobility and the kindness of man are being trampled”

Original Post I’m surprised my last comic was so well received, considering I thought it read something like an advertisement. I guess people can relate. The art in that comic was ok– I like how some things turned out, but … Continue reading

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Komugi, Kadokawa and Zetsubou Sensei

I figure I’ll bunch all this stuff into one entry, just because. Thanks to an overseas DVD trade between Shiro and myself, I was finally able to secure the first volume of Nurse Witch Komugi. Having finished SoulTaker a few … Continue reading

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