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Dengeki G’s Festival Vol.3

There was other media represented in the book, but I didn’t care about any of them except for Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. And I guess Railgun. I paid 60 bucks for this, and considering I got a nice dakimakura cover … Continue reading

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yo look at this animated gif

I’m sure someone has done this already, but whatevs. I kind of like the show’s new opening, but it lacks a certain something compared to the original. I guess this sequence makes up for all that, though.

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Plastic Army–Japan Front

I know THE FIRST THING that’s coming to your mind is, “But wah, you already own that Kaede figure.” And to this quite understandable query, I will reply with this–that Kaede figure was the first PVC I ever got, and … Continue reading

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Art Site Update: Nogizaka Haruka and Nogizaka Mika

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WIP: The Lineart of Nogizaka Haruka (and her sister)

I have no idea how these came out so well.

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Figure Reviews! Gothic Mikuru, Space Boobs Yoko, Video Games Nagi, and Angel Nogizaka Haruka

Shingo may be lost in the wild, exotic and dangerous lands of World of Warcraft, but that doesn’t mean the fine art of reviewing anime, manga and game figures is dead! Far from it! With him eternally lost in a … Continue reading

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