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Perhaps there is controversy

Here’s the short version: There’s a Star Wars artbook set to come out soon which will feature the work of a variety of international artists. One of the artists representing Neo Tokyo is none other Nishimata Aoi–famed doujin-ka, erotic game … Continue reading

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As a somewhat rabid fan of the illustrator Nishimata Aoi, I follow her blog quite regularly. I should note that when I say “follow”, I mean “look at the pictures.” I do have some Japanese under my belt, but not … Continue reading

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Well, now I don’t have to buy Megami Creators 14 anymore!

If you’re new to these parts, let me fill you in: I think Fuyou Kaede is the greatest, most perfect 2D girl to ever grace my walls, computer screen, television set and bed. She’s from this mostly rad show/game/multimedia extravaganza … Continue reading

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