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MEGAZONE 23 SPECIAL SONG COLLECTION (aka Megazone songs I both downloaded and liked) Track 1- 背中ごしにセンチメンタル Track 2- 風のララバイ Track 3- 淋しくて眠れない Track 4- ロンリー・サンセット Track 5- メガゾーン23のテーマ Track 6- 今が一番いい時 Track 7- 秘密く・だ・さ・い

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We will never forget you, MEGAZONE (Part 3)

Despite the fact that Megazone 23 PART I and PART II look and feel completely different, they were only made a year apart from each other, and tell one complete and (somewhat) coherent story. PART III, on the other hand … Continue reading

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We hope you are enjoying your stay in MEGAZONE (Part 2)

Megazone 23 PART II is quite an uneven piece of work. The animation is mostly incredible, but at times isn’t entirely convincing. The story has good elements, but is told in a convoluted manner. The characters are all great, but … Continue reading

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Last night I jumped into my DeLorean, set the destination for 1985, and took a colourful, sexual, violent, gory, and action-packed trip into the first installment of MEGAZONE 23 (that’s two-three, not twenty-three.) For those not in the know, Megazone … Continue reading

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