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Lupin Forever

In the dark ages of this blog, there were entries that extolled the virtues of Lupin III. This makes perfect since, since it was roughly four or five years ago when I was taking in most of the Lupin I’ve … Continue reading

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I bought the entire history of moe and it only cost me 2000 yen

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Original Post What you were going to see here was a comic about Haruhi getting a second season, but we all know how that turned out. After that, I was going to do some angry comic about how Newtype played … Continue reading

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The Fierce War of 2008: The Dead Art of “Original Video Animation”

The OVA is almost a dead art in the fast, 100MB-per-second world of today, but even so there were a few direct-to-video titles that hit shelves this year. Of course, they were either lame eroge adaptations, lackluster fanservice romps or … Continue reading

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Lupin III: Green VS Red

I’m a pretty big Lupin fan, but I have to admit– the series hasn’t held up all too well since the 1980s ended. Sure, some of the ’90s specials were good, and Episode 0 was almost a masterpiece, but for … Continue reading

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Hahaha, what

Oh man, I just had a dream where Golgo 13 was fighting Lupin III. It was far more bizarre than that, but I can’t even begin to describe just how batshit this all was. For starters tough, Golgo had emotions. … Continue reading

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machine ga sakebu

I hope everyone got this reference

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Dear Manga Entertainment

DIE IN A FIRE After a couple of months, I finally popped in Manga’s re-release of the classic Lupin film “Castle of Cagliostro” into my DVD drive with high expectations. I figured their last release was bad enough, so they … Continue reading

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Keep Cool, Man. Gotta Get Angry. Be Groovy.

This is going to be a weird post. In case you don’t already know, I’m a bit of a Lupin fan. So when a sub of the original pilot film surfaced yesterday, I simply had to download it.

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Lupin VS The Clone

Using some of the extra funds I got for Christmas, I decided to catch up with my ol’ buddy Lupin. I ordered seven of the Lupin films; two being theatrical features (Mamo and Dead or Alive) and five of the … Continue reading

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