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July Anime + Manga 2008

Current Chi’s Sweet Home: Good ol’ cartoons Code Geass 2: Best part of my week. Golgo 13: …. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki: I’ve finally accepted the fact that this is not a comedy. It still works, but I like it less … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Watashi Rashiku

Original Post I really like how this comic came together. Everything from the lineart, to the colouring, to the backgrounds looks almost exactly as planned. I’m sure there are rough patches here and there, but I really like this one. … Continue reading

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Manga Matsuri

Tsukuyomi Vol 2 and Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cheery Blossoms are on order since the local Borders didn’t have them. Since I’m finally reading manga I figured I’d start with the stuff I should have been reading something … Continue reading

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