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The Fierce War of 2008: Those Who Laugh At The Face Of Death

Between mediocre anime and really great anime lies one’s comfort shows. These are shows that generally don’t aspire to much, but do their thing well. At the same time, there are also shows which fall short of their expected potential, … Continue reading

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The fruits of my free issue of Megami 99

Story is, almost a month ago I got the March issue of Megami from J-list. The mag came in one piece, but was kind of bent up due to a poor choice in shipping materials (a thin as fuck paper … Continue reading

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Furries from powerful families fight to preserve freedom of expression

Time to review three short series that all ended recently! Kure-nai: I wanted the Hollywood ending. That said, the show did do well to stick true to its sense of realism right down the end, but they could have at … Continue reading

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Poster Upgrade MKII

Just got a bent up March 2008 issue of Megami from J-List… I got this issue for the poster of Kokonoe covered in chocolate, but me being at home, I couldn’t really put that up. Luckily, on the other side … Continue reading

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Poster Upgrade

Liking where the flash is falling in that last pic. I’d love to put up the Kure-nai poster, but I’m currently in my parents’ house, and the Kure-nai poster is one of a naked seven-year-old taking a bath. I mean, … Continue reading

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June 2008 Anime

Image stolen from here. Please don’t kill me original artist. Current Chi’s Sweet Home: Cat. Code Gayass R2: Even more over the top! And they said it couldn’t be done… Golgo 13: Man this is some trashy stuff. Kanokon: Man … Continue reading

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May 2008 Anime + Manga

Hay hay May Watching Allison & Lillia: Bit too much “for the family” polish for my tastes. Not sure if I’ll stick with it. Chi’s Sweet Home: 3 minutes of joy Code Goose 2: JUST ASS PLANNED hilarity and general … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: Someday Our Prince Will Come

Original Post Little late with this one, but I was kind of in a funk for the last couple of weeks. That coupled with a whole shit ton of anime and homework hitting me like a ton of bricks hindered … Continue reading

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Kanokon is Dirty…

…but don’t take my word for it, to quote the great LeVar Burton.

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Spring 08 Impressions PART I

Three’s a good number. Kure-nai I was pleasantly surprised by this one. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I was kind of looking forward to this show, but had no real expectations. The character designs and atmosphere are all very … Continue reading

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