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2010, 平成22

Yesterday I got this Kannagi DVD that for some reason came with some random Mobile Suit Gundam stickers. Lord knows for how long these have been sitting around the Bandai offices! Here’s a sexy picture of Hachikuji by tooo. Happy … Continue reading

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Kannagi @ UFOTable Cafe

The clock is about to strike 18:00. It’s a cool Spring evening in Nakano, and I’m outside the station orienting myself with this map I printed out from the UFOTable Cafe website, with the goal in mind being to see … Continue reading

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MoY Podcast 2 BEYOND THE TIME: Episode 12– Crying over Kannagi. Boowoo. Boohoo.

Download [Audio clip: view full post to listen] The Ol’ Gang from the very first episode (of season 2) come back together for an awesomely nerdy conversation about one of the year’s most dangerous shows! We talk about interlacing, dutch … Continue reading

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The Fierce War of 2008: Band of Brothers

Provided that you are not jaded as all hell, every year it is not usual to come out with a select few shows you absolutely love, and would most certainly watch again. These are special shows. Shows that you look … Continue reading

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December 2008 anime and manga

Current Casshern Sins: Great art direction but the writing is so boring. I’m pretty sure Casshern says JUST WHAT AM I in every fucking episode. ChäoS;HEAd: It’s always super special! I like this one a lot. Clannad ~After Story~: Hit … Continue reading

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Things I like and do not like about Kannagi

On the whole, Kannagi is a good show. There are parts which are absolutely exceptional, and there are also parts that make me groan. The parts that make me groan are few and far between, but are frequent enough that … Continue reading

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Re: Nagi’s Virginity

I tried to not pay attention to this whole thing, but the story has been getting too much attention for me to ignore it. Simply put: I don’t care. But that’s mostly because I don’t care for Kannagi’s Nagi all … Continue reading

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November 2008 Anime + Manga

Current Casshern Sins: Arty retro stuff. Sometimes boring, but mostly good. ChäoS;HEAd: Moe psychological thriller. I can dig it. Crannad ~After Story~: The first arc was great, but now it’s getting into “NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN, KEY” territory. Detroit Metal … Continue reading

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Nico Nico Douga culture and its effect on anime openings

Oh no– don’t let the title give you the wrong idea. This won’t be some long, drawn out essay. This is just something I’ve noticed. It seems this season some shows are looking back at the fanbase for certain amounts … Continue reading

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Fall 08 Impressions PART II

Casshern Sins The breadth of my Casshern knowledge extends to about a frame or two of animation I saw while walking past a screening room at Otakon 2008 late one night. Or that could have been Hurricane Polymar. This, however, … Continue reading

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