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The extra exclamation point in Keion!! is warranted

I wouldn’t exactly label myself as a Keion! fan, but I do enjoy the series and find it to be very well executed and produced. With that said, its sequel, Keion!!, has managed to take things to a new level. … Continue reading

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This modern anime, man

Ok guys, an NYAF report will come soon, with podcasts coming in like… probably a month or so, but for now I need to talk about something of an issue that’s often brought up in my neck of the internet, … Continue reading

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June 2009

Asura Cryin’: The entertaining part has kind of gone away and now it’s just bad. If this episode I have sitting here doesn’t blow my mind I’ll drop it, even if I am past the point of no return. Dragon … Continue reading

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May 2009

Asura Cryin: Moments of expert storyboarding and directing, but the writing really isn’t that stellar. Dragon Ball Kai: Wow, is Goku really getting across Snake Road in like… three episodes? Man, DBZ with all the fat trimmed is actually pretty … Continue reading

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