Oh, Xenoglossia

In episode 11 of Xenoglossia they go to a volcano to get some dumb idol core out of said volcano. In episode of 10 of Evangelion, MAGMA DIVER (the best episode ever) they fight an angel in a volcano. Episode … Continue reading

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A comic about Xenoglossia

Link since wordpress shinks the image

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Another reason Xenoglossia is probably worth my time

The promotional art is so hot… Pics after the jump. They are arranged from least boner inducing to most boner inducing.

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The only good thing about Xenoglossia

  Yep. That’s her right there. Yukiho something or other. Don’t know much about her personality except that she’s prone to falling asleep at random and could be a Good Girl. She looks like Shiori, has big boobs and hasn’t … Continue reading

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