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Art Site Update: Henrietta and Jose

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Drawing Henrietta

My word! I’ve yet to do any Gunslinger Girl fanart! This is an outrage, to be sure. I still have a ways to go, but this lineart doesn’t look totally horrible. I just looks kind of horrible. I think my … Continue reading

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Manga Matsuri AFTERMATH

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Manga Matsuri PART II

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May 2008 Anime + Manga

Hay hay May Watching Allison & Lillia: Bit too much “for the family” polish for my tastes. Not sure if I’ll stick with it. Chi’s Sweet Home: 3 minutes of joy Code Goose 2: JUST ASS PLANNED hilarity and general … Continue reading

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April Anime pt 1

Not much now. Will update when new things have started. Current Chii’s Sweet Home: Three minutes of stuff. Ghost Hound: I don’t really care about this one anymore. Almost over. Hakaba Kitarou: Subs have slowed down. Still decent entertainment with … Continue reading

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“A cruel premise… more thoughtful than the average thriller.”

I like how you can tell how old the second Gunslinger Girl manga volume is by the Animerica quote on the back.

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stuff i bought this week

I bought the first three volumes of some random manga called Gunslinger Girl. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. The cover of the first volume is really quite sexually suggestive, and I’ve never noticed it until now. It features an adorable … Continue reading

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Winter Season ‘08 (part 2)

The second, and probably last round of reviews for the winter season. Only two this time– probably not going to watch much more than this unless someone decides to sub the new Gegege no Kitarou and/or Noramimi. Gunslinger Girl -Il … Continue reading

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Winter Season ’08 (part 1?)

The winter season has started, but unlike every other blog I’ve come across, I am in fact not watching every show that rears its poorly animated head. I am a very discerning creature, and after about four or so years … Continue reading

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