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Figure Photoshoot: Alter 1/8 Hazuki Dress Version + Bandai Hazuki Trading Figures

This post will probably be the last of these for a bit. For the Alter figure, I auto-level’d all the pics, then touched some up individually. As such, the lighting and colours are kind of inconsistent between the photos. For … Continue reading

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Figure Photoshoot: MaxFactory 1/8 Asahina Mikuru

I figured I’d do another Mikuru figure while I still have the Mikuru background set up.      

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Figure Photoshoot: Freeing 1/4 Bunny Girl Asahina Mikuru

Because Photoshop sucks at being easy to understand, I accidentally overwrote my original highres copies of these photos with the 800×600 versions. Blah. Anyway, some photos now that I have a new desk lamp~

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