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Otaku in the 90s

Note: I’m basically talking out of my butt for this one. If there are any big mistakes, let me know. When I watch 90s anime it’s always kind of a weird experience. Despite growing up with the stuff, each time … Continue reading

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Rebuild of Evangelion and Devil Hunter Yohko

Last night I watched the cam-sub of Rebuild of Evangelion. While the movie doesn’t suffer as much as the Zeta movies do from compression (the Zeta movies were damn near incomprehensible) it does rob the earlier installments of the show … Continue reading

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Bad Boy

So Bad Boy, showing your back. And smoking a cigarette, Caressing the scar from the fight. So, Hey, Bad Boy, you are Just a little klutzy Compared with others, Bad Boy. May or may not write more about Devil Hunter … Continue reading

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February 2008 Anime

Current Clannad: It’s good. I think it has nice characters and a number of good scenes, but thus far the main stories have been kind of weak. Dragonaut: I don’t even know why anymore… Ghost Hound: Still moves at a … Continue reading

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This is what I watched today

Devil Hunter Yohko was the shit (as the kids say) back when my buds and I were something like 12/13 years old. Along with the first Tenchi movie, it was one of the first UNCUT AND UNEDITED anime we ever … Continue reading

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