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Darker Than Black 2: Russians Know Everything About Japan

These are more “impressions” as opposed to a formal “review”. Why? Reviews have plot summaries, and since I have to go on Wikipedia to remember all of the different factions in DTB, I’m not going to do one! In the … Continue reading

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Comic Update: Billions of billions of blue blistering barnicles!!

Original Post Yes, Rets is dressed as Captain Haddock from The Adventures of Tintin. Why? BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT. The issue of pedophilia in Darker Than Black’s sequel is something I feel must be addressed. Spinning it off into … Continue reading

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Think of the children

Between Darker Than Black and Black Lagoon, it would seem the only things the Japanese know about Russia are that it is always cold, and they love to make snuff films featuring children. That said, for a show in which … Continue reading

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Autumn 2009 TV Anime Part III (平成二十一年秋期放送開始ノ新作テレビアニメ其ノ参)

Sora no Otoshimono People will probably write Sora no Otoshimono off as utter trash–and they have every right to–but I love it. I didn’t expect to love it, but I do. I love it because it caters to my sexist … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: My Youth in 2007

2007 was really fucking uneven. The first few months got by on the better titles that carried over from 2006, but between April and August it was something of a wasteland. I managed to get my fix for good modern … Continue reading

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