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The Year in Review: My Youth in 2007

2007 was really fucking uneven. The first few months got by on the better titles that carried over from 2006, but between April and August it was something of a wasteland. I managed to get my fix for good modern … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: I’m a dreamer/hisumo power

Original Post This comic isn’t very funny. It’s just me saying Gundam 00 will suck. Again. But the art is pretty so that makes up for it. Also, I think I’m making some kind of hamfisted point by having Ideon … Continue reading

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Directing an adaptation of a work you fucking hate

Obligatory nude Hazuki image no.1 I think we all know by now that the director for the Bokura No anime fucking hates the manga. People I’ve talked to said this probably came about from Gonzo being a huge company and … Continue reading

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Bokura No and Seirei no Moribito

Gonna write about two shows that have nothing to do with each other. Because I’m awesome. Joking aside, the point of this entry is to address two shows that I’ve been watching but haven’t necessarily said anything about. Bokura No … Continue reading

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