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Quite possibly the best criticism ever leveled at Mistakes of Youth

After getting some comments that stank of anon, I decided to make my way to the Super Secret Samurai 4chan Archive Hang Out and search around for any absolutely hilarious threads about this comic. I found one, and in it … Continue reading

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Be Forever 4chan

So it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Thanks to colombianon over here, I was able to view most of the 4chan threads I’ve been rambling on about like a madman for the past couple of days. Turns out … Continue reading

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Comic Site Rant: It’s gonna rain tonight

Original Post “no author is stupid enough to talk about their own comic on 4chan, except dan kim” And indeed, I am not that stupid. Hell, I don’t even post on 4chan. Clearly someone is running around in my skin. … Continue reading

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just so you know

I think there’s a guy pretending to be me in /a/. Just so you know, that’s not me. Will elaborate more come comic-rant. i think these drawings are maybe kind of ok maybe i dunno

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lol internet

When I get bored between episodes of obscure anime, I google my name to see if anyone has said funny things about me. I usually come out with nothing, but just now I found this. Apparently it came from /a/ … Continue reading

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